Field Studies

Efficacy Studies

box-tree pyralid larvae on box tree

We are experienced in tests of plant protection products, fertiliser and biostimulants. The trials are carried out under consideration of the EPPO-Standards.

white flies on Fuchsia
application of insecticide spikes in pots with Fuchisa
flowering Fuchsia plants in labeled pots
Efficacy trials

We test in trials the efficacy of your pesticides against different fungal and animal pests or weeds. We examine the effect of your fertiliser and biostimulants on growth and yield of the crop.

Crop safety trials

In order to avoid possible negative impact on crops, we test your products for the selectivity to crop species or crop varieties with the normal and double dose rate.

Rotational crop studies

We test the impact of pesticides on crops in a crop rotation considering different soil management systems.

Rainfastness trials

In these trials we test the efficacy of herbicides after different intervals between application and start of rain. The influence of the amount of rain will also be observed.

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