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Residue Studies

leaf disc sampling with special leaf sampler in lettuce

Residue studies are the basis for the risk assessment of your plant protection product. Use our expertise in conducting different types of residue trials to determine the behaviour of your product in and on plants, in harvest products and in soils.

We are GLP certified since 1993. With our long-term experience, we provide field residue studies as single trials or as multi site studies in European countries. The residue analysis is conducted by our laboratory partners, that are also GLP certified.

leaf discs in glas container prior washing out
apple fruits on tree
soil samples in plastic tubes, metal core barrel
Residue Studies in Plants

The amounts of residues in food must be safe for consumers and as low as possible. We offer you decline studies to determine the degradation rate of your product in the plants after application. In harvest studies, we examine the residue level in the harvest product.

Soil Dissipation Studies

We determine the behaviour and degradation of your plant protection product on different soil types.

Crop Rotation Studies

After the application of plant protection products residues can possibly be found in the treated crop, but also in the successive crop. Our crop rotation studies give you comprehensive information about the behaviour of your product in succeeding crops.

Dislodgeable Foliar Residue (DFR) Studies

After the application of a plant protection product, residues may remain on the leaves of the crop plants. With our DFR studies we provide you detailed data to assess the post-application worker exposure and the re-entry time.

Turf Transferable Residue (TTR) Studies

In TTR studies we characterise the dissipation of your product on lawn and turf. The collected data are the basis to calculate the potential human exposure after contact with treated turf and to define re-entry intervals.

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